Urban Transformation

Tetove Art Gallery, Northern Macedonia, 2018

Mastering the Art of Urban Details
Whimsical grace unfolds in the world when proper perspective accentuates the right detail. Thus far, only virtuous artists are cut out for capturing timeless telling-details. Dash Izairi is one of them. Idiosyncratic creativity and a distinct aesthetic sensitivity, are the two main traits distilled and sensed in all his visual-making art. A native of Tetovo, Dash Izairi has honed his artistic skills in Germany. Yet, he relies on his roots to feed his visual narratives. Here, he brings details and shoots from urban life in two cycles of artistic photography to a wider audience. These photographs were primarily taken in Tetovo, as well as in Skopje, Ferizaj, and Tirana. Location is not of great importance compared to the way how moments are depicted. It’s even of less importance compared to the multiple-meaning messages that details convey to the viewer. Izairi’s photographs oftentimes resemble paintings in their staggering balanced composition, color blends, and alluring realms. The artist is focused on the alteration of form and shape, as well as on the aesthetic details of urban and suburban environments. He communicates with this realm and more than that, he unveils beauty. And beauty is everywhere. All we need is the ability to sense beauty. Not only to perceive it but to be able to transform it into an oeuvre d’art that uses its universal language to communicate with a diversity of cultural systems. Dash Izairi is a maestro of fine art photography distinguished for perceived details. It is my conviction that the exhibition’s audience will find it remarkable.” Salajdin Salihu

Cable in Fog 1


Cable in Fog 2


Cable in Fog 3

Fogscape 1

Fogscape 2

Fogscape 3


Urban Landscape 2

Urban Landscape 3

Urban Landscape 4

Urban Light 1

Blue Sky



Urban Winter

Blue Sky 2

Urban Images

Blue Sky 3


Urban Light 2


Urban Colors